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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Working from Home - Fashion Essentials

#WFH It's often hard get into a productive mindset, and one of the most quoted tips is getting dressed! finding a compromise between office dressy and being too comfortable when putting together your work from home wardrobe can be challenging.

So what's the happy medium? now is the time to bulk up your collection of basics. They’ll be your go-to in the weeks ahead of endless FaceTimes, Hangouts, and Zooms. Basics should also be comfortable, giving you the flexibility to chase children on your coffee break, walk the dog at lunchtime, and layer for a more professional look in a jiffy.

Our best selling  bamboo layers are available in regular and curve sizes. From tank tops to leggings, they will be the casual comfort collection you pull out daily.

Some summer tops will also make great overlayers for those camera ready meetings, and help you look forward to getting thru Covid-19 social distancing. As we work on updating our website, watch for more great options to be added.

*** Caution ***
don't fall into the trap of only wearing stretch clothing!
My greatest challenge is staying out of the fridge, and I use my jeans to help me walk away. Your wardrobe should still fit you in 3 months, and if jeans are getting tight, it reminds me to grab a glass of water instead ;)
Our Yoga Jeans are online in classic denim, or our favorite travel and airmile denims. I will vouch that they are perfectly comfortable for working on the couch. If you are getting tired of waiting for freedom, try a fun colour!

At the end of your work day, wrap up what you’re doing, change out of your work clothes, and put on those comfy PJs or other leisurewear.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Working forom Home - 5 Best Tips for Focus

#WFH It's the new normal in Covid-19
For many it includes online meetings with video, juggling children, cats,  reports and paperwork, when you didn't even have an office last month. There are many tips available, these are some of my favorites.

1. Get dressed! it is hard to feel productive in your pjs' and you loose track of weekends if you don't save this fashion break for the weekend. It certainly doesn't have to be a suit, should be comfortable, and also you won't be embarrassed to be caught on an unexpected video chat.

2. Make a list - start with the vital items you need to accomplish today, add longer range goals, and track what is done, what needs to be done, and reminders of what is coming.
3. It's about location when you don't have a home office, test different areas of the house to find where you can be the most productive. If you get 7 hours of work done in 4 focused hours, that's great, and I won't tell.

4. Create work blocks around 45 minutes of focused tasks, sit down and time it. This allows you to block a manageable timeline for others in your house, keeps you out of the fridge, and if you're on a roll - go for another 45 minutes.
5. Communicate with co-workers (sometimes it's lonely at home), explain your expectations to family, but turn off social media until break time. Social media is not wasting your bosses time - it's your time - and a reward for a job well done.


Monday, March 2, 2020

Swimsuits with Sleeves?

Beach House Sport w Bra Top
Have you seen these, they are becoming more and more popular!

Absolutely PERFECT for water sports and activities like snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding or kayaking because you spend long periods of time in direct sunlight surrounded by water that’s reflecting sunlight (most sunscreens need to be re-applied every 80 minutes to keep you protected, some more often).

A little off topic, but did you know that some sun screens are harmful for your skin? A FDA-led study released in January 2020 suggests we should all choose sunscreen with caution, though ... “Chemical sunscreen ingredients are systemically absorbed after one application, and some ingredients can stay in the blood for at least 3 weeks.”
Body Glove

The SunBum we love is on the good list, and in stock.

Back to long sleeve swim ... Unlike rash guards, they will not float up in the water, and they look great! They come in a great variety of colours and patterns, so there’s something to suit everyone. Not many come with bra liners, so you can also get the right size bikini top to wear underneath, especially important if your are more than a D cup.

Body Glove

Swimwear fabric long sleeved swimsuits offer options…
  • Zip up the front or the back
  • Thumb holes on the sleeves or not
  • Design of the suit - colour - pattern - cut outs
  • lastly check the UPF factor, all of ours are SPF30 or SPF50
While rash guards with SPF work well for some people, for others this is a better alternative :) and we stock lots of both!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Looking for Colour 2020

While we always love to add new colours to our wardrobe, this year I believe it's already there. Everyone loves Classic Blue, and it is the colour of the year for 2020!
I love this representation from the Inside Out blog, because although it's a colour that always looks fabulous head to toe, sometimes people don't know what to wear with it. Also note that Imogen has showcased the blues in warm or cool undertones, this is why everyone can wear it. Of course blue and white has been a classic combination for eons.

As we move from cruise season to spring, here are the rest of the season's hot new colours;

As Pantone indicates this season is " Friendly and relatable, a palette of colors that conveys a sense of ease ...  recognized favorites uses the familiar to take some unique twists and turns highlighting elements of humor, modernity and entertainment."

It's going to be a very pretty season. Check the new Cinnamon Stick for Canada Day, and for those that crave sunshine try the Saffron or Sunlight in your wardrobe.

Check the classics, navy has long been a softer alternative to black (because believe it or not,  some of us don't look great in black). White is always a summer staple, and I love the new additions of Lark and Ash.

I can vouch that we already have many of these colours in stock :)

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Simplify Your Christmas Shopping

'Tis the Season to show those you love just a little something extra, it doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to be inspired ...

Under $20, protect their skin

SunBum skin protection is healthy for your skin, 
start with tanning towels, use SPF50 or SPF30 sunscreen in cream or spray, or try SPF15 tanning lotion. 
For sensitive skin there is SunBum Baby skin care, and the cooling lotion is great for wind dried skin or if you forgot to re-apply your sunscreen. 
One of our favorites is their collection of hair care products.

Under $30, just a little something extra

Something casual or something very personal
From fashion jewellery, a light pashmina wrap or swimsuit pareo, to coconut wash 
or our best selling one size bamboo leggings (in 4 colours).
To one size panties from Chantelle or thongs from HankyPanky, to sized control from Spanx.

Under $50, something special

A little something extra
Starts with a soft fall scarf or gloves, mens or ladies belt, Kuma sunglasses with bamboo arms 
or a Simbi bracelet that supports clean drinking water in Haiti.
Thinking of your traveler, a hat, flip flops or SPF30 rashguard 
(Body Glove, Beach House, Reef, Tommy Bahama) is always appreciated. 
Gift our best selling personal up a level in the  one size fits all retro thong from HankyPanky.

Still don't know what to get?

Our Gift Certificates are on everyone's Christmas List.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Thankful for Fall Colour 2019

Fall is slow coming this year, but the colours are finally starting to turn and while we plan a roadtrip it's time to celebrate these new colours in fashion.

Pantone has once again provided a confidence-building shades like fiery Chili Pepper and the deeper Biking Red balanced by softer,  complexion-flattering Crème de Peche and Peach Pink. Rocky Road, a grounded solid brown, followed by the more look-at-me, effervescent pink Fruit Dove Sugar Almond, and Dark Cheddar, a very wearable blend of yellow and orange.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, loves that our confidence builds creativity and we are no longer glued to a matchy-matchy look, she said, “It’s more about doing what really expresses how you feel about yourself and your clothing, and the statement that you want to make as an individual."

Galaxy Blue and Bluestone are more subdued blues, grounded and more subtle. Orange Tiger is a stronger clean orange in addition to a strong red, balanced by stately forest green in Eden.

The classic shades provided by Vanilla Custard, Evening Blue (a perfect alternate for black) Paloma grey and Guacamole round out these basics.

Taking summer colours to blend with these new fall favorites, is the easiest way to build your transitional wardrobe. (Most fall days you need something warm in the morning, something lighter on a sunny afternoon, add a layer for diner, and back to something warm in the evening.) The transitional wardrobe is also exactly what you need for fall travel.

Need inspiration for a road trip?

From the 401 to Highway 7,  hills and waterways will provide a constantly changing view. You can drive north of Kingston meander on backroads to Peterborough, and discover many small towns and scenic views along the way. Extending a trip to the Muskoka's will never disappoint, but for a day-trip it means you will sacrifice walking some wonderful downtowns, and skipping leisurely lunch.

Have you visited the rolling hills of Northumberland on one of their themed drives?

Tour the rustic farms, lush vineyards and charming towns that dot the landscape of Prince Edward County. Follow the Taste Trail and enjoy locally grown food from local artisans and farmers’ markets. The Scenic Routes of North Hastings are perfect for soaking in the fall foliage.

At this time of year, we are always thankful for family, friends, customers and good food.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Swimsuit 101

The hardest item for a woman to buy is a swimsuit - we feel vulnerable, we all wish our bodies were 10 years younger - but at Sand'n'Sea we excell at helping you find the right bikini, tankini or onepiece that will make you feel confident, look great, and get your perfect fit. Confidence is sexy, and these are some of our favorite tips to get there.

reversible bikinis flatter small bustline
maaji reversible swimwear
Small bust?
Choose a style that is bust enhancing, such as twist or tied bandeau, sweetheart neckline, halter tankini, or cheat a bit with a push-up bra style. Focus colour and prints to accentuate on the bust. A simple triangle is also a great option.

cup size swimwear fits best
Skye flatters women of all sizes
Large bust? 
A v-neck will help you look your best as it has a bust minimizing effect, halter tankinis or one-piece suits, flared tankinis and simple bandeau tankinis. Make sure the bra and cup sizes are a perfect fit! A swimsuit with underwire can also offer great lift and support so you can enjoy all your favorite activities without worrying about spilling out.

flattering onepiece tummy control
Miracle Suit "loose 10 lbs in 10 seconds"
Need to slim your waist?
Tummy control styles are perfectly comfortable, and when you mix technical fit with well placed prints, the difference is amazing, and our suits offer different levels of control. If you prefer lighter fabrics, a waist minimizing look comes from crossover or blouson onepiece, or flared tankinis, and tankinis with side shirring or drawstrings.
Curve size tankini flatters bust and hips
Sunsets Curve sizes always fit and flatter
Need to minimize your hips?
While a swimdress or skirted bottoms work for some, a tie side bikini bottom will visually divide your widest bits, and the ties bring focus away from your hips.  Just make sure that your bottom is one solid color while the top is printed and bright, to attract the eyes up.

Mix and Match your Fit!
Some of us struggle to fit swim tops, others work just as hard to get great fitting bottoms. The answer to your perfect fit is a mix and match selection to flatter your shape. Sand'n'Sea Boutique fitting experts will help you always look your best: beautiful and confident!