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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Celebrating Colour in 2021

Looking forward is what we all crave during these Covid challenges, and I love Pantone's combination of rock solid strength of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating sunshine.

An easy transition from great winter colours of deep Inkwell blue, Ultimate Grey to the soft camel shade of Willow.

Add a pop of happy shades as we come out of "stay at home" and celebrate coffee with a friend.

From the natural bounty of the outdoors, the warm shade of Marigold, optimistic Illuminating sunshine, inviting Burnt Coral (so easy to wear) and vibrant Raspberry Sorbet, one of my favorite floral colours.

Enjoy wearing these in light summer dresses, layered with bulky jackets or as the definative accent to your outfit.

Other fashion trends this spring;

layers - either soft layers or oversize jackets, solids over prints and easily moving from work at home to coffee date.

colours - the past year has been challenging, you likely already own some great basic pieces in these classic colours, adding a bit of lightness doesn't break the bank - build on what you have.

combinations - shades of fuchsia and yellow have always complimented greys, but have you considered yellow & camel? what about layering shades of blue?

As always, fashion that makes you feel great is what you should wear! Your Confidence is Sexy.

colour combinations for spring

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Stocking Stuffers to bring Comfort & Joy!

 'Tis the Season - share some happiness with those you love - little gifts of thanks or fabulous stocking stuffers! This year, more than any before, we have collected a delightful collection to inspire you.

Ready for your perusal in the boutique, with curbside pickup (or delivery within 50km), and some items are also available online! Stay safe and find your happy place.


Start with Gifts under $20

Protect your kisser for just $5, or pamper your hair and skin. SunBum is a naturally sourced line of sun protection skin care that is safe for the environment too. Full selection in the boutique for stocking stuffers, select items online including BabyBum spray sanitizer.

click to shop online, or visit Sand'n'Sea Boutique

We all love the absorbent and anti-bacterial properties of bamboo, from socks to t-shirts the Über-soft fabric will keep everyone warm and cozy. 

Bamboo comfort from top to bottom


Gifts Under $50

From softly woven scarves to wallets with RFID protection,  there is something for every man and woman on your list this year. Everyone appreciates feeling warm and safe.

Mens and ladies wallets in basics and colour!


Sometimes it is all about HER, and she loves our one size comfort lingerie (it truly fits both regular and curve sizes). No visible panty lines are offered by Chantelle in soft stretch model, and Hanky Panky in patented stretch lace - or just treat yourself.

One Size Lingerie that fits like it should


Decadent Gifts Under $100

Sometimes you deserve to spoil yourself, or someone else, with Mongolian Cashmere hats and scarves in absolutely luxurious fsoftness to wrap yourself in - six colours, only in the boutique :)

Mongolian Cashmere or something similar :)

Hanky Panky partnered with Walton Wood Farms this year bring bundled savings and quenching creams made with sustainable ingredients, while helping to protect the environment for future generations. All the creams are based on the benefits of essential oils, butters, and oils in delicious scents (except the unscented Front Line Rescue).

Holiday bundles that pamper your hands too!


Wishing you and yours a peaceful holiday season!

From our family to yours, wherever you may be, Merry Christmas. Take time for yourself to relax and breathe, talk to those you care about the most, maybe share a meal over zoom or plan a game night - this year will be different - but we will make new memories and share old ones.

- Ellen & Terry

Friday, October 2, 2020

What to Wear on your Fall Road Trip

It really is a beautiful time for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and a road trip. You definitely need to take more than one! different areas will showcase their best colours on different weekends. These days you may only feel safe with a day trip (but check your trusted hotels and airBnB on overnight stays) then either select a route, or randomly follow a direction on backroads. 

Because temperatures can go up and down by over ten degrees, knowing what to wear can tax your brain. So start at the bottom and consider your activities, planning a mountain hike or walk on a nature trail requires dependable footwear. Dress in layers so that you can shed one or two as the day gets warmer, and pack extra socks so you will have dry feet if you get caught in a rain shower. 

For an outdoor excursion we recommend; leggings or sturdy jeans with enough stretch to allow you to climb a mountain if you want. Top with a long sleeve shirt and warm vest (slide a bamboo tank top underneath if you are prone to chill) add a scarf and enjoy your day!

For a long car ride - comfort is key - so again, fabrics that breathe in leggings or jeans with stretch (like Yoga Jeans, that won't bag out over the day is vital to your style), a short sleeve shirt under a tunic or sweater, and a denim jacket to easily slip on and off so you can grab some photos.

Meeting friends: for an outdoor picnic, or wine tour, again it is all about layers. From comfortable leggings or jeans, topped with a shirt or two, and a jacket you can slip over your shoulders or toss on the back of a chair when the sun comes out.

When you are wearing layers, it always helps to wear natural fabrics that breathe. You don't want to be trapped under several layers that make you sweat, which results in being chilled befor you know it. Plan a road trip, or an accidental jaunt, meet friends (social distance) and enjoy the day.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Fall 2020 and Trend Colours!

Once again it is time to change our wardrobe colours for the next season :) For Fall 2020 Pantone has provided seasonal classics imbued with personality.  This isn't the year for disposable fashion, and colours whose timelessness and versatility bring "functionality, and at the same time lend themselves to unique color statements that stand out. These colors encourage creativity as well as pragmatism, reflecting the changing mindset of today’s consumer, who prioritizes value and longevity over color choices that are here today and gone tomorrow." Pantone


Building on their colour of the year - a boundless blue hue, Classic Blue, pulls the vast and infinite evening sky opening us up to a world of possibilities - these neutrals bring balance to your basics. With Sleet Grey and Military Olive evoking feelings that are dependable, solid and everlasting with a strong foundation. You will feel that Almond Oil reminds you of a winter white, easy to wear for paler skin tones, layering well with the entire pallet.

Accent the neutrals with warm Peach Nougat or Magenta Purple to create a bit of intrigue.

But fall is not just about neutrals, we love falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and frosty mornings too.

While continuing to reflect today’s consumer, who prioritizes value and longevity over color choices that are here today and gone tomorrow, Pantone has provided shades that will stand the test of time.

Amberglow, Samba and Sandstone promote self-confidence and self-expression, with an upbeat energy while still reflecting rustic outdoors and falling leaves. Green Sheen and Rose Tan will appeal to very different personalities, adding either the much craved pop of vibrant colour or sense of composure. Ultramarine Green and Fired Brick reflect self assurance and poise of a more sedate soul.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How Men Wear Shorts & Look Great!

Your perfect answer to summer comfort in relaxed settings - these are definitely not business attire - but for the cottage, pool party, backyard BBQ or just meeting friends for drinks, you need to have them. But what style suits you best?

A tailored pair of shorts will define shape and create a flattering profile, they should feel comfortable and suit your body shape, without being too tight or restricting movement. Tailored doesn't always mean slim-fitting, just that everything needs to fit properly.

Lois 6" Cargo Short

Wearing shorts is about confidence and comfort -  shorter lengths are cooler so when this style works for you -  you can show some leg. If you’re a shorter man, be this bold, as the long and baggy styles will swamp you.

Length of shorts is about personal judgement but if your whole thighs are on show, even when perfectly toned, it's probably a little too short. Anywhere between two and six inches above the knee is the perfect length for a tailored pair of shorts.

Straight legs look best on a man whose hips are wider than shoulders with a bigger waist. 


Slim Leg 10"inseam

Tailored is not skin tight (which would also almost guarantee you would feel uncomfortable, and self-conscious too). Fitted mid-length shorts are flattering on all body types, and Lois comfort waistband stretches while maintaining that tailored look.

A man that is tall and thin with a shoulder width that approximately matches hips is considered a rectangle or athletic shape. Their best look is a sleek flat front - baggy shorts don’t complement any body - slim legs, but still keep the fabric loose on the thighs. 

Most golf shorts have these similar features, and pockets.


Lightweight Cargo Short
Cargo shorts are practical for many men, side pockets allow you to get your wallet out of the back pocket, but don't overstuff these pockets, and keep the length above the knee. Get your shorts hemmed if necessary.

While flattering on medium to tall men, still avoid a leg opening that is a lot wider than the circumference of your leg (that'll make legs appear smaller and thinner, again, not a flattering look). You don't need a great body to look great; you just need your clothes to fit.

For bigger guys, don't go for a roomier, baggy pair of shorts, rather than make you look thinner, they'll just make you look sloppy. Find a smaller pair instead, fitted but with enough room to move around in. 

Mens trends have embraced shorts, wear them with confidence, barefeet and sandals, or a shoe with short ankle socks if necessary.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Help to Love Yourself in Swim Today!


We are surrounded by summer all year round—at least in the fashion sense - fashion is about understanding how best to layer, which fabrics breathe, and what you will be comfortable in whether you. Your lifestyle keeps you running, and summer is the highlight, you deserve to enjoy it!
It is so much fun and so rewarding to help someone discover the swimsuit that creates the “aha” moment, when you can say, “I look good in this one—I love the colour and the fit and I’m going to have a great holiday!” 

If you are planning a pool party, visiting a friend at the cottage, or dreaming of a vacation, no one looks forward to buying a swimsuit. At Sand'n'Sea we understand that a swimsuit threatens to bare many of your perceived flaws making it difficult to have a great time if you’re self-conscious and uncomfortable. But we have solutions!

No one comes in a cookie-cutter shape and fitting the shape you are today is key. Our goal is to help you love that shape and to wear it comfortably. 

It’s not magic; it’s about our selection. We offer mix-and- match fitting which allows us to customize a look for you by handpicking pieces from over 20 brands. Beyond the dizzy-ing array of hues, we have top pieces that enhance a small bust or support a generous one. There are styles to fit a short or a long torso and suits with varying degrees of tummy control or side ruching. 

We can help you find a strategically placed print to minimize or even disguise the bits that we don’t want noticed. 

Bottoms also need to fit well and range from tiny tie sides and high-cut legs to high-waisted control skirts and boy shorts—you can be as modest or as flirty as your personality calls into play. But no-one wants to loose their bottom as they come out of the water.

Once the fit is fabulous, then it’s all about your favourite colours. Whether you are a poolside fashionista, a beach vol- leyball champion or a snorkelling aficionado, we have suits from which you can choose.

Life is also about savoring the ride ... trains, planes and automobiles are all more enjoyable in clothes that still look fabulous when you arrive. We understand how fabric moves with you and our selection of lifestyle fashions and travel attire in trendy basics and colours will get you through your busy day or destination in comfort and style. 

We invite you to come and immerse your-self in summer colours, take your mind to a happy place and know that you can find all that you need for your busy lifestyle at Sand'n'Sea Boutique, in downtown Napanee, Ontario.

If you don’t have travel plans but yen for sunny days, come in
and soak up our warm atmosphere. The staff and I would love to meet you and help you to release your inner diva!



Sunday, April 26, 2020

Working from Home - Fashion Essentials

#WFH It's often hard get into a productive mindset, and one of the most quoted tips is getting dressed! finding a compromise between office dressy and being too comfortable when putting together your work from home wardrobe can be challenging.

So what's the happy medium? now is the time to bulk up your collection of basics. They’ll be your go-to in the weeks ahead of endless FaceTimes, Hangouts, and Zooms. Basics should also be comfortable, giving you the flexibility to chase children on your coffee break, walk the dog at lunchtime, and layer for a more professional look in a jiffy.

Our best selling  bamboo layers are available in regular and curve sizes. From tank tops to leggings, they will be the casual comfort collection you pull out daily.

Some summer tops will also make great overlayers for those camera ready meetings, and help you look forward to getting thru Covid-19 social distancing. As we work on updating our website, watch for more great options to be added.

*** Caution ***
don't fall into the trap of only wearing stretch clothing!
My greatest challenge is staying out of the fridge, and I use my jeans to help me walk away. Your wardrobe should still fit you in 3 months, and if jeans are getting tight, it reminds me to grab a glass of water instead ;)
Our Yoga Jeans are online in classic denim, or our favorite travel and airmile denims. I will vouch that they are perfectly comfortable for working on the couch. If you are getting tired of waiting for freedom, try a fun colour!

At the end of your work day, wrap up what you’re doing, change out of your work clothes, and put on those comfy PJs or other leisurewear.